About Susan

Hi I’m Susan! If you are looking for someone to come alongside you in your wellness journey, I am passionate about doing just that. I want to share with you from my heart and my everyday experience about living a slow, healthy, plant based life, and help you discover for yourself how you can feel your best and get more out of your everyday life too. If you’re looking to feel well again, or for the first time, or you just need space to come away and figure out exactly what you do want, let’s visit! I’m passionate about coming alongside any of you as an inspiration, a motivator, a coach, whatever that looks like, because your life is intrinsically valuable and you shouldn’t miss a single day of it.

I’m a total wellness enthusiast in every way! I am married to my life partner, my love, Jon, and we have two joyful spunky children. I love fruits and vegetables like crazy and love to harness their healing power and help others see how it can awaken their bodies like it has awakened mine. I choose a lifestyle that’s loving and compassionate on my body as well as the world we live in. I want to be a front runner in learning and discovery, enjoying every single day of the journey.

I’ve come out of a very unhealthy relationship with food, low self esteem, weight and hormone imbalance, anxiety, and I’m turning all of that around, restoring my days to be full of life and vibrancy!

Join me on the adventure! Follow me for everyday tips on creating space for living and taking care of our bodies the best we know how. I post recipes, fun tips and hacks from my everyday life experiences as well as musings from a heart full of gratitude to be alive.