A Blog Refocus: It’s A Personal Health Journey

A snapshot of my health journey:

Shortly after my oldest son’s birth, I woke up, looked around, looked at myself, and decided that things were going to change. I wanted to keep him healthy, feel more attractive, have more confidence, figure out my digestive issues and balance my hormones. Things had to change. I needed them to change. I felt unpredictable and on edge.

I called one of my sisters who at that point had begun naturally healing some of her own physical issues, and I asked her some questions. I didn’t know then that I would totally embrace this holistic way of life in every way.

Up until that point, “healthy” to me had had a pretty basic meaning. I didn’t think much about it… until I started to notice little annoying problems with my health and I had this longing to see what true total body health would really look like. How would it make me feel? How would it propel me forward in my relationships, in my career, and even in my parenting? I hadn’t had a good relationship with food for a long time before that. And my relationship with myself? Well, it was a struggle. My marriage had threatened to end in a pile of ashes that year, but by grace, it didn’t. And as most parents find, when that first kid comes into the world, you’ll do whatever it takes to create a healthier more beautiful life for them as well, and that, no doubt, means it’s time to start taking better care of yourself!

So I started on a mission. I hit the gym, decided to start running, did a Whole30 cleanse, starting self-educating on how I could really take care of myself and prevent bigger health issues. Autoimmune diseases had started to pop up all over in my family among my close relatives… so I was on a mission to prevent any of my current ailments from getting any worse. I already knew I had a compromised gut and I knew I needed to focus on three main things: lower my stress, eat closer to the earth, and exercise.


I’m thrilled to be 45 pounds lighter than I was at my heaviest six years ago. I’ve had two children, trained for two half marathons, and my hormonal acne has disappeared. I’m totally Whole Foods Plant-based now. And this is still just the beginning of my journey to total body wellness! And I’m LOVING the journey.

I don’t believe achieving perfect health is the “end-all, be-all”. But I do believe that to effectively play my role in this world, I have to feel well. I have to feel like I can pour out of myself, spill out into others, and to do that, I want to feel my very best. I want my healthy way of life to be contagious. Infectious.

On this blog, I don’t ever want to pretend I am an expert in anything because we are all already too confused by all the information available to us, much of it even conflicting! I want to be a learner. An innovative thinker. A Discoverer. A forerunner in this health journey. The cheerleader, I suppose!

Mapping out my life goals, yes I have big huge goals this year and the next. I want my life mission to involve creating and being a support system for all of us on this health journey together, and I’ll continue working toward that, furthering my education and my passions! But today, I want to share a tiny bit of my story with you. Why do I feel the way I do about health? How did I feel previously and why have the decisions I’ve made toward better health been so life changing?

I’d like this little space on the internet I call Restoring the Day to be a bright spot in your health journey as well.

I want to be as transparent as I can be with you because personal health journeys are about finding balance, being realistic with ourselves, and taking small steps, one at a time so that we can effectively change our habits with the ultimate goal in mind – being able to feel our best so we can live our best.

Restoring the Day is about to get awesome(er) in 2017 so stay tuned. I have the privilege of working alongside over twenty wellness professionals this year and I can’t wait to learn and grow as we share value with one another and work toward enhancing the lives of ourselves and everyone around us. Yet another step in my life and health journey I cannot wait to embark on!

What does your health journey look like? Where are you at right now? Are you ready to make big changes? Or brave enough to take one small step toward success? Go for it. It’ll be the best decision you could make to benefit yourself and those around you.



6 thoughts on “A Blog Refocus: It’s A Personal Health Journey

  1. I could not love this more!! While I’m not sure I could give up meat (but who knows; anything’s possible) I so envy your lifestyle (in the best way possible)! I want this for my family but I just don’t even know where to start. It seems overwhelming! You should write a post on how to take baby steps toward this. Or give a good timeline on how to slowly with this into a typical American lifestyle. Maybe you have and I haven’t seen it! Much love and I’m so impressed and proud of all you’ve done!


    1. You totally made my day. 🙂 YOUR life is absolutely beautiful and YOUR story is phenomenal. You could totally do this! But you’re right, manageable steps! Thanks for the inspiration! I think you’re right… I think this should be the next order of business. How helpful a resource like that could be! I’ve had enough requests for this- I’d better get to work! Woohoo!


  2. I love this and what you’ve done with your life. And I’m envious (in the best way possible)! I’d love to move toward this way of living with my family, but I don’t know where to start and it feels so overwhelming. Do you have a post on baby steps to take toward this or maybe a timeline of implementation for a typical American lifestyle? I’d love to see posts about that and how you were able to convince your husband to jump on the bandwagon (or maybe he just didn’t have a choice 😉 ). Much love to you and I’m so impressed with what you’ve done! ❤


  3. Hi Susan! What a great post. I’m excited to see what this year has in store for you. You look great, and I’m looking forward to get some inspiration from you. I really want to be healthier and we found out Ben has food allergies, so whole 30 or paleo has to be the way to go for us.



    1. Debora, thanks so much for commenting! I’m excited too. From one blogger to another, it’s quite the adventure, Isn’t it! I’ve been thrilled to see how far you’ve come in yours.
      So sorry about Ben! So so so many people finding these sensitivities. The one good outcome – there’s a solid support community, that’s for sure!


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