Long Term Skin Care Solutions for Truly Radiant Skin (and how we healed our skin for good)


Nowadays it’s not uncommon for me to be seen going about my entire week with nothing but a touch of mascara… and lipstick. I am extremely happy with my skin and never feel ashamed of it anymore. I don’t experience oily days and dry days, I don’t have an oily T-zone, or any such thing … and I used to have ALL of those worries!

I get quite a few comments and questions about how I keep my skin so healthy and clear! So I’d like to share with you that it has not always been this way, and what I did about it!

Healing my skin has been part of this journey, this road to better health. You never used to be able to see me leaving my room without makeup, namely, foundation. I was very aware that I had breakouts and deep pores that I needed to do my best to cover up. Not to mention, I spent quite a few dollars on just trying new brands, wasting half (or more) of each bottle, trying to find the right formula for my skin. Not too drying, not to heavy… sigh. I am SO thankful that is all behind me.

I used to pick at my breakouts as well. I know, so bad! Then consequently I’ve had to heal from that scarring as well. The good news is, I am and I have! So let me tell you how.

I can’t actually tell you 100% that it was ONE thing that cured my skin issues. This is because I cleaned up my entire life kind of all at once back in 2013. My skincare, my food, my environment and lifestyle (well, it’s all an ongoing journey!), but since I improved in all of those areas at the same time, you’ll have to leave room for your telling your own story in your own way. But here’s a little snapshot of mine!

My Skincare Plan

  • I cleaned up my diet. The first thing for me was giving up dairy. I have proven that, for my skin anyways, I will get a breakout very shortly after consuming dairy. It’s a fact. Dairy isn’t great on my gut anyways, so I just cut that out completely. That was step one for me. Gluten: This is still somewhat controversial, and I’m not 100 percent sure that gluten directly causes me to breakout, but I DO know for sure that it causes some inflammation and an overall upset body. It has definitely contributed to clearer skin, and a drastic decrease in dandruff. Yes, that’s right… dandruff. Crazy, right!? I experience an itchy scalp if I eat too many grains. I’f I’m piling on the fuits and vegetables and cutting grains with gluten, particularly, I notice a drastic improvement in scalp health. My solution: I just went whole foods vegan. Problem solved. Ha! I laugh, but in all seriousness, it’s true! That was totally the answer for me. A whole foods plant based vegan diet ensures I am getting quality nutrition, TONS of fresh fruits and vegetables, and nearly none of the processed foods. For me this really has been problem solved. However that’s not why I chose this lifestyle, it just happens to be yet another fabulous perk!! Cutting out oils for me has also been huge. Really huge. (Note: I mean processed oils and adding straight up oils to foods, I do not mean healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds- those are fabulous in appropriate quantities.)
  • I use ONE skin care product. Thats it. And it’s seriously the best ever… haha and it is in fact called Best Skin Ever (BSE.)  –  Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever by Living Libations. Nadine is absolutely stunning and perfectly inspiring. This organic skin care product is absolutely heaven bottled up and prepared for the face. I have been using best skin ever for just about three years now. And now we use it all over our bodies – it’s rich and luxurious and the only product we need. It’s the ONE product that sits on our bathroom counter and we use it for cleansing, moisturizing, post shaving, or even while shaving, and it’s gentle enough to apply to my sweet baby’s skin as well. Yes, it even takes care of diaper rash!! Nadine from Living Libations uses very pure, organic essential oils in her blends. They truly work wonders. The essential oils in the BSE have polished away both my and my husbands acne scars. We have thrown out all our unused bottles of ineffective skin care products away – good riddance.
  • Stop using soap and cleansers! Most skin care products alter the delicate PH balance of your skin. I haven’t used a soap based cleanser on my face is years now, and it’s been the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • Clean up the Air. I make a habit of using and diffusing essential oils in my home to keep the air clean and pure, this makes a big difference in the quality of air that we breathe in –  this is especially important to me becuase we have rented several places and oils are a great way to get toxins and allergens out of the environment even before we move in! Living Libations also sells very pure, high quality essential oils, and Nadine is an absolute wealth of knowledge. Check them out.
  • Hormone Balance. This is another big one for me, my hormones were a big fat MESS growing up, and not balanced until I started taking control of my health in recent years! There is lots of fantastic information out there about balancing your hormones naturally. Reducing stress, avoiding hormonal birth control (boy, have I got a story about THAT!), and getting all your nutrients in. Nutrients like magnesium and selenium I make sure I get enough of. These aren’t major like calcium and vitamin D (also sooo important!), so they can be overlooked. I use this Magnesium Balm made locally, it’s absolutely fabulous. Magnesium can benefit people on multiple levels, and balancing hormones is just one of those ways. My favorite ways to get enough selenium is through eating Brazil nuts once in a while, and portobello mushrooms! Love me some portobello burgers! Mmm!

If all of this sounds like a lot, keep in mind that Ive done these things over a three year period. That’s why I titled this post “long term skin care solutions” because it takes time! Best Skin Ever excellerated the process greatly, but it takes years to heal from acne scarring. There’s really no overnight solution.

My Daily Face Care Routine

  1. I use this Norwex body care cloth in my daily routine, it exfoliates, removes makeup… this thing is amazing.
  2. Add my BSE, (video tutorial instructions on Living Libations website)
  3. Carry on with my day!

Seriously, that is it. This has been my routine for almost three years and it’s been so healing, time saving, and healthy for both skin, mind, and confidence.

I got my husband and friend on board too…

My husband has a history of acne and when I met him he was alternating a few different drug store brands of medicated skin care products. When I started working as a consultant for a major skin care brand, he tried the products and had no success with those either. Then BSE entered the scene. I started my lifestyle of cleaner slower living, tried the Oil Cleansing Method, with a little success, had a bad run in with coconut oil (my skin does not fancy coconut oil), and then one day reading an article about actress Shailene Woodley she said she swears by this product by Living Libations and it transformed her skin. So I was sold! I had to try it. And it has been our skin’s savior. I’m here to attest to it’s magical powers of lowering my stress level too, because its the only product I ever need to use –  no line up of bottles step one, two three. Just one bottle, one easy routine.

A good friend of mine started using BSE this summer as well, and she’s been totally shocked by the results. She’s got the before and afte photos to prove it. She loves that it’s so easy and admits that she was very skeptical going into trying it, but she’s SO glad she did, and it has given her so much more confidence. When she does get a breakout, it’s tackled by the BSE in record time. She’s a huge fan as well. The reviews on Living Libations site speak for themselves, people all over the world are showing their adoration. That’s what originally sold me on it. So you don’t have to just take my word for it.

Clear skin really does begin on the inside. Clean up your mind and clean up your gut. Clean up your home and environment as well. Essential oils are a great way to do all of this, and obviously I’m an advocate for truly clean eating and getting back a whole foods plant based diet.

I am a huge advocate for tackling skin issues with food, first, but BSE is so incredibly wonderful that even if your diet and lifestyle aren’t perfect, BSE is there to give you grace. It’s literally the most amazing thing. I would NEVER promote this if I didn’t believe in it. I’ve been using it for SO long now, and results just keep improving with each year. Unlike many brands or products that will work for a little while and then seem to not all of a sudden… I don’t know if there’s any science behind that, but doesn’t that always seem to happen!? Consequently, I stand behind this enough to write about it, it’s my story! And I realize that I took some pretty extreme steps in my journey to get to this place, so what does your baby step number one look like?

Share in the comments below your favorite natural skin care routine, or your road to better skin! I’d love to hear other’s stories of success and what’s worked for you!

I am an affiliate for Living Libations because their products have transformed the health of my skin and healed it from years of product overuse. So follow this link below and check them out! Living Libations Best Skin Ever

6 thoughts on “Long Term Skin Care Solutions for Truly Radiant Skin (and how we healed our skin for good)

  1. Love it! Thank you for recommending this product to me (the friend 😉). I totally agree that diet has a huge effect on skin, but wanted to throw out that I do not eat a plant based diet. I would say I eat healthy (try to eat fewer processed foods, cut back on sugar, eat organic etc.) and do not have a lot of dairy either because it does upset my digestion as well. I do not claim to be dairy-free or gluten-free. However BSE still worked wonders on my skin and I love the fact that I can use just 1 product. I adjust how I use it based on how my skin is feeling each day. I love that it works for everyone and is not just good for certain skin types. I tend to have dry skin and I would always get a little concerned about over moisturizing because it would cause breakouts, but with BSE I don’t worry about that, I just apply a little more when my skin feels dry and am reminded to drink lots of water!This product has gotten me more in touch with my skin and how my body reacts to certain foods etc. because it works so naturally with how your body is functioning. Thanks again, Susan, for turning me on to this great product!!


  2. Finally ordered my LL face oil!!

    On November 28, 2016 at 8:39:36 AM, Restoring The Day ( comment-reply@wordpress.com) wrote:

    > restoringtheday posted: ” Nowadays it’s not uncommon for me to be seen > going about my entire week with nothing but a touch of mascara… and > lipstick. I am extremely happy with my skin and never feel ashamed of it > anymore. I don’t experience oily days and dry days, I don’t” >


    1. I probably chalked *too* much in here!! I’ll have to break it down for future posts! 🙂 but thank you Meghan! Going vegan has been a huge milestone for me, yeah! It has leaked into and benefited every area of my lifestyle!


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