Slow Grateful Living Challenge: 7 days of creating more space in my life for gratitude

Dear friends, I am SO very excited and eager to announce that I will personally be embarking on a challenge this next week, the week BEFORE Thanksgiving, to really prepare my heart and create more space for gratitude and joy. I am asking you to please consider joining me! I would absolutely love to have the accountability and partnership of us all doing this together! I am completely ecstatic about this, and I’m hoping some of this enthusiasm will rub off on you so that you’ll do this with me! (Pretty please!)

Here’s what you could expect from a challenge like this. I am going to start on Sunday, the first official day of the week, and I will at least carry on for seven days, if not all the way up until Thanksgiving Day. You can personally decide exactly how long you go for, and what is right for you. You can also set your OWN goals for your week! This challenge will be powered by YOUR goals and what you feel you need this week. Maybe your goal is to not engage in the consumerism around Thanksgiving time and Black Friday. That would be an amazing goal. Perhaps you want to eat clean this whole week. Perhaps you want to get in daily exercise and have been having trouble doing that- whatever your goals are, write them down, sleep on them, dream about carrying those goals out and making them happen this next week, and share them with your friends –  and with me! I seriously CANNOT WAIT to cheer you on.

I am so very passionate about slow living, creating space for joy love and gratitude even in the midst of all of our business. I love being busy, I enjoy being productive, but I want to be productive with a purpose, and be totally mindful and aware during all hours of my precious days here on this earth with those I love most. So lets do this together!

Just to give you an idea of what I am personally going to do this week, here are three totally achievable goals I’m setting for my Slow Grateful Living Challenge. I would totally have more, but sometimes I can get carried away (I’m quite passionate.)! Ha! So I’m going to stick with just three so I can make absolutely sure I achieve them all realistically.

  1. Many of you know I am vegan (for many reasons) and for this week I will be eating a totally raw food plan for 7 days. If this seems extreme to you, remember- This is MY goal. It does not have to be anywhere close to yours! It is slightly extreme. It’s not extreme for me, for me it just means going the extra mile. I cannot wait, you guys. Raw food gives me incredible clarity, and my senses are heightened and clarified, and overall it makes me feel amazing, but I don’t have plans to continue it throughout the winter, but for these seven days I absolutely cannot wait. So that’s part one of my plan for this week. That being said, please do not make this your goal unless you are totally prepared, and are aware of how to embark on this safely and healthfully. If one of your goals is food related, I will be sharing some of my recipes and what I eat in a day so you can add them into your days for some of your own awesome healthy recipe options.
  2. I will touch my Bible and my daily planner every morning before I reach for my smartphone. I’ve noticed that especially since my smartphone is my alarm clock, my access to my work, my friends and family, my bank account, and even the daily weather, that I’ve slipped into some bad habits. So here’s to changing that.
  3. Screens off and no housework 30 minutes before I close my eyes to sleep so I can read and have time to think clearly and journal about what I’m grateful for to help me sleep better and get the most out of the next day. I’m very excited about this. I’ve never been 100% successful at keeping up with this habit, but I KNOW I can keep it up for 7 days. So thrilled to share with you all how the week goes. I’m passionate and ready to go. Follow me on social media to see how I’m keeping up with my week!

Are you ready? Will you take the challenge and set some goals for yourself this week to live more intentionally, more slowly, and more gratefully as we move into this beautiful holiday season? Let’s keep in touch during this challenge, share your goals with me so I can help cheer you on as well! Let me know if you’d be willing to share your experience doing this challenge after it’s complete, and how you plan to move forward after the week is done, intentionally and thoughtfully keeping that momentum. Let’s restore the day, one day at a time this week!

Please reach out to me on social media with ANY questions you may have, or for some extra personal inspiration. Like my page for Restoring the Day on facebook here! – and follow along with me throughout the week! I’ll be posting inspiration for us all. Here’s to starting out the holidays with the right heart. Good vibes to all!

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