7 Ways You Can Be Your Best Inspiration

I spent the weekend with my parents. I Love them. What a joy. During the weekend as topics on parenting inevitably surfaced, my Dad reminisced about my childhood. I was incredibly stubborn as a kid. Many kids can be, but I was totally bull-headed. I laughed because I remember. I remember demanding that the color was gray when it was clearly evident the color was actually blue. As we visited, laughed, remembered, we ended with marveling at how we all end up turning out at all! Our personalities and characters are like a mosaic, beautifully crafted and woven throughout our life, the pattern growing in complexity, but we never lose our common threads. God designed us well, for very specific purposes.

Adulthood puts a shock into all of us at some point, I would imagine. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had moments of panic, fearing I’m losing touch with who I am. It’s scary, especially since as a child I knew exactly who I was and who I wanted to be, and no one and no thing was going to get in my way. My dreams didn’t have limits. Now thankfully, with adulthood comes a healthy dose of reality. This is quite essential and necessary, wouldn’t you agree? But do we let the harsh reality of adulthood put a damper on our souls?
Not every childhood experience is perfect. But children do have an infectiously beautiful heart, full of life and possibilities. Do you still have it in you? Of course. The real true beauty of you comes in the raw organic center of your soul. (yes, that was totally a food reference, and it totally works here.) What makes you laugh, what brings you to tears, and those radical ideas you have that maybe life isn’t so bad after all… these things are important to hold on to. What makes up your personality makes you an indispensable and integral part of the community you live in! You have intrinsic value, particularly among the people placed in your life at this very moment. As a believer in God, I also believe that our identity can be strong and beautiful when we realize why He made us and our worth in His eyes.

Here are seven practical everyday tips I use to check myself if I’m in need of a little extra inspiration, or to see my own value. You are an inspiring being inside your very self, lets uncover that.

  1. Don’t let yourself become isolated. Engage with who you love most. They are a huge reason you’re the person you are. I think it’s easy to lose our identity in our minds when we experience isolation. And we could be seeing thousands of people each day and still be isolated. Mothers can feel isolated even at home as a mother. Double check that you’re getting good interaction with people who are challenging you and spurring you on and loving you where you are at. For me, this is my friends who share my faith. We help remind each other constantly that we are loved and values in the eyes of each other and our Maker. You’re a role player in their life too,  don’t deprive them of your presence.
  2. Be playful! Remind your imagination how it used to fly! For me, this takes a little work. Even if have to work at it, I can get that old rusty imagination up and running again. For us moms this is easy because we always are being begged to play along. Go ahead! Be a goof ball.
  3. Dig up an old dream or desire to learn something new and do it! You’re capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for.
  4. Don’t take your faults too seriously. There is worth in your faults. My bull headed ways have gotten me through some tough mud.
  5. Take a look at that face in the mirror. You look great. Let this inspire you to take extra great care of yourself today. You are worth more than gold, so treat your body with the respect it deserves. Throw on some lipstick and your favorite song as you get ready for your day. Let it get you powered up on the outside, you’ll start to feel the beneficial effects.
  6. You have the power to motivate and inspire someone else the minute you get out of your own head and think bigger than you. You become that inspiration for another, and yourself.
  7. Remind yourself of what you’ve achieved and the people you’ve influenced for the better. I believe that remembering where your life has been and where it’s going is very important. This is one reason I keep a journal, especially to record life’s challenges and gratitudes.

Do you see yourself as inspiring? Are the people around you an inspiration to you? Who’s on your “team”? And are YOU on your own team, believing all the way?

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