Breathing During a Cold Weather Run (and a warming soup recipe!)

What’s a runner to wear during these cold months? On this cold and drizzly morning I bundled up and layered on my long sleeved shirts and threw a sweatshirt on over it all, complete with gloves and hat. The crisp air feels amazing on a run, I wasn’t about to stay inside! Let’s not let anything stop us! The cold weather can be the BEST weather to run in! If you’re a runner you probably agree with me, unless you love the heat and enjoy sweating like a river. I DO know people like this. But for me, the crispy cold is inspiring. It awakens my mind and makes me feel more aware! How about you?

Layer up! If the cold air bothers your lungs, practice taking a breath in through the nose to warm the air, hold it inside your lungs for a few seconds before letting it back out through the mouth. (This kind of breathing can also help you work through side aches and other annoyances during a run.) And as always, ALWAYS breath through your lower diaphragm and not your chest. The burning sensation you may experience when running in cold weather will probably decrease tremendously if you are breathing properly.

Tonight is Halloween night, and it’s cold and drizzly out there, folks! So I have this soup ready to go tonight when we get home from our favorite festivities. It’s warm, super flavorful, and it might just maybe help detox a little from the sugar rush. I don’t have a specific recipe here because I didn’t measure anything! But make it your own and use what you have! Do you have veggies leftover from the weekend? Soups are incredible ways to use leftovers. That’s my go-to “no waste” strategy! Also, for plant-based eating, squashes beans and peas make perfect thickeners for sauces and soup stocks. You’ll never have to use flour, oil, or dairy again to make sauces and stocks that are thick and creamy. AMAZING.



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