A Challenge on Being Intentional and what to expect from this blog moving forward.

Dear Friends, it has been a fabulous week writing and publishing one post every day. I hope you heard my heart on the things I am passionate about and maybe caught the fire to continue on this journey with me! I can’t wait to keep learning, discovering, and living life well together, restoring our days to the fullest they can be.

Here’s what you can expect from Restoring the Day going forward from this week. I plan to write two posts per week, and see where that takes us! Expect to see posts on Mondays and Fridays! There’s a great place to subscribe to get email notifications when I write a new post- it’s on the top right sidebar of my site! Check it out, lets stay connected.

This week’s posts will focus on fitness and food, especially as we head into the holidays, we need to stay focused on wholesome healthful living! And I’ll also let you know how my intentionality challenge is coming along!  (I can hardly believe it!) I’m feeling quite a bit better here coming out of my back injury and I am ready to hit the gym a few extra times this week. Who’s with me? On days I’m not at the gym I’ll be working with body weight at home, and I’ll post some ideas for you!

And now for this week’s challenge: Intentional time. I like to think that I do pretty well at being intentional with the people around me. But when life gets complicated and schedules get messy, it’s easy to feel very distracted and lose my attentive listening ear. I can feel my mind wander so quickly. While having floor time with my little kiddos, even before I can say “let’s pretend…,” my mind has already wandered to thinking about work, yesterday’s conversation, or whats for dinner. So I’m challenging myself this week to make sure I’m totally aligned with what is in front of me at the moment. I’m challenging myself to turn off the distractions, give myself some grace, and just love on those around me with all that I am.

In what ways are you going to practice being intentional this week? Do you have any areas in life you know you need to be more intentional in? Let’s keep each other accountable and be each other’s support!


One thought on “A Challenge on Being Intentional and what to expect from this blog moving forward.

  1. Yikes, totally with you on the wandering mind. Thanks!
    And I will be looking for those ideas on body weight exercises to do at home.


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