Changing My Plans and Readjusting my Goals:

Write your ideal life down, if everything could be perfect… then draw a line through it. And open up your mind to the reality that something totally different and better could be about to go down. That’s what I did this summer, I decided to hold my goals and dreams with an open hand. I realized I had spent a good chunk of this season of life swimming in disappointment because some things were just not turning out as I had planned. While these feelings are valid, I realized they were robbing me of new discoveries, joys, and  from the excitement of being able to set brand new goals!

The joy of getting married, and of having children, and of just living on this earth with all these other humans, is that sometimes we have to readjust things a little bit. Life is not just about us, we are a team. Especially within the family unit. My own and everyone else’s goals somehow all get the privilege of meshing together into something greater, with more impact than mine, alone, could have

I was getting into the comparison game thinking “Why am I not farther along? Am I terrible at managing my life? Of all my goals, how many life goals have I actually reached?” Well this kind of negative self talk is totally full of lies. First of all, I’ve reached a great number of my personal goals! And then some! And my life is already way more fulfilling than I could have imagined it to be. I’m beyond blessed. But now, even more, my eyes and my heart have been flung open to bigger potential!

Who ever said that by now I’d have to have X amount of dollars in my bank account, a house with a hefty payment and new cars, oh yeah… and all the rest of life figured out? And certainly no personal flaws. (yeah right.) I think this is a false vision I had of adulthood. I also have this issue with wanting to make sure people see me as totally capable, having it altogether. But the truth is, I don’t, and I know I’m among friends here. I’d like to drop all of my illusive “goals” and where I think my life should be at by now, and open up my hands to new goals and a better future.

I LOVE thinking about this. I love the possibilities that start popping into my mind when I open myself up to dreaming again. It’s easy to start losing dreams and throwing goals to the curb when we start getting overwhelmed, stressed, overworked, or just tired of our current circumstances. But when we pour energy into our life and and hold our goals with open hands, we are going to receive great things out of it, and we are going to have an impact.

Is it time to set some new goals? Maybe life has changed for you just enough to bring you back to the drawing board and it’s time to take a new look at things with a fresh perspective! I challenge you to physically write out your ideal life and then draw a line through it, signifying that you’re ready for the next phase of life! Ready to be shaped and molded and changed for the better!

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