Three Ways I Balance My Days (plus free printable!)

I believe a simple balanced life begins in the heart. I can strive for everything in my life to be perfect, my home to be clean, but laundry to always be tidy and put away, my schedule to never be double booked by accident… but sometimes things just get messy. I like to call it life. And I love life! So why would I want to let myself become anxious about these little things? Because it is the matter of the heart, I believe someone in a peaceful relationship with God and themselves will experience the most clarity and peace as they go about their day to day living.

We are all so very stressed, overworked, tossed around by relationship… I find myself craving simplicity balance and routine in the midst of hectic days. But it is possible to have balance even on the craziest days. It’s possible right now! It starts in my own heart and mind. Thinking back to my last couple of posts, I need to stop letting life run me and simply experience today with a grateful, soulful heart. The chaos of life will settle down when we really hone in on what’s important.

But that being said, here are three super simple things I do that have helped a LOT. I hope you find them helpful!

  • The annual purge. A friend of mine came up with this and I have adopted the idea for myself, with fantastic results. I chronically over commit. Any other over committers out there? The annual purge is so incredibly important I can’t even express it enough. This year I did the purge at least twice. It’s where I write out all my commitments and passions, categorize them by what is most important to me, and proceed to “purge” the things that don’t quite make the cut anymore. Working out will always be a huge priority for me, even just three per week. So if my time for that is being squeezed out, I need to take a look at what I’ve over committed to, and create some more margin. That’s just one example! And most importantly, I need to create and maintain a huge margin for my family, because they’re my world.
  • Make sure the simplest things in life are aligned. What you eat and what you wear, streamline what works for you so that you don’t have to think about them as much. I created a couple of capsule wardrobes this year and got rid of all the clothing I didn’t love. One of the best things I’ve ever done to my closet! To some of you it may sound mundane, but I have so many neutral colored pieces of clothing now and I LOVE it. I can dress them up with flashy red lips and cool pumps if I want to, but I know that the clothing in my closet all matches itself. It streamlines the getting dressed process. Similarly with eating, I know which foods now my body loves and which it does not. It’s amazing how simple meal assembly is when you eat healthy whole foods, just assemble a beautiful smoothie or salad, and fast food has never been better.
  • Journaling. I don’t journal every day. I think people who do must have amazing structure to their life and I love that. I wish I were that structured. Sometimes I get to it, sometimes I don’t. But when I do, it’s amazing the clarity it brings me! Journaling for me goes hand in hand with my time with God. This is where I can be quiet enough to listen to my Father God, reflect, and see what needs to change or what can be celebrated.

I’m sure you’ve heard all of these tips before! So have I, but they’re so valuable that I think it’s worth bringing them up as reminders during this week of inspirations! And they can be so very useful in helping us feel our best.

Here’s a link to a free PDF, it’s nothing fancy, but hopefully you can use it as a template to help stir up some good thoughts for your journaling experience.


Would you like to see more free printables? I’ve thought about creating one as a guide to doing an “annual purge”, so leave me a comment below if you’d like to see more along those lines!

2 thoughts on “Three Ways I Balance My Days (plus free printable!)

  1. Great ideas! Our conversations and your posts have been making me ruminate on your ideas and related thoughts and Scriptures. Then I can share these thoughts with the kids and we all are drawn back to what is important together! Thanks!!
    And a printable on the purge would be sweet.


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