Monday: you are full of possibilities

I wish that my days started and ended the way I planned. They almost never do. Can you relate? When I don’t start the day off the way I planned to it can be so easy to just continue to let the day happen to me, instead of regaining charge of it. I don’t know about you, but when I feel out of control I feel totally dismembered. If my kids are up before me and I have no time to gather my thoughts, I feel like I spend the rest of the day chasing my brain around. Sometimes that happens, and when it does, I need to calm down and regain control. Regain control of myself. Easier said than done? Maybe. But it’s totally possible. I focus on what I can control, or what I do have the ability to make happen. And those things are inside of me, not dependent on my circumstances. We do have the power to unlock incredible energy and momentum today. Our bodies and minds are capable of amazing things.

You and I can never perfectly control our environment, or our jobs, and good gracious we certainly can never control what other people do or how they live their life. If I focus on trying to control those things I’ll go crazy. But I can control my reactions. I can control how I treat myself, and how I respond to the dear souls in my life.

I went through a time in life where I felt like a slave to my emotions. This day is hard because I feel ______ (fill in the blank). Sure, good days and bad days can be a real thing, but what if they happened so much less frequently? My health journey isn’t perfect, and it’s changing as I heal, and it’s beautiful. I love it and embrace it. I am learning to enjoy my imperfections and the unpredictability of life. Filling my body with nutrient rich food, taking out food that compromises my day to day living, learning to absolutely love exercise, and take ownership of my decisions and my lifestyle, learning to honor every soul around me and the incredible gift of their presence – yes. Every day is packed with energy and potential. No matter what your circumstances. You are a powerhouse of potential for your best life yet.

I love having goals and the energy I get when I achieve them. Probably goes back to that control issue I have. (hmmm) That being said, I have set my own goals for the week. Have you? Write down your goal for the week. Something you know you can have control over. A workout goal, a character goal, a nutrition goal, whatever it is that’s speaking to you today. As a mom sometimes I have to hold my goals with an open hand. Especially when my youngest little starlight is teething and barely sleeping at night. So I set my goal as something I can control, like “Yes, I know I can get in three workouts this week. And I’ll be flexible as to when they happen!” Whether your single and can set your own schedule, or you work out your goals with a partner, set them. And make them happen.

Live today restored!

Did you set a goal for today? Leave a comment and tell me about it! Lets inspire one another!

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