Living Life Restored: an introduction…

I am so excited and nervous to be writing this blog post.

Tomorrow morning I will be launching a week of posting every day on this blog, each day themed in having a healthy well being and restoring your life and your day to maximize your life’s impact. I am certainly no expert, but I’m hoping that I can be your inspiration. Even if my posts reach one person and change the way they live for a day, that is meaningful to me!

This blog is born in pursuit of today, and living it aware. I don’t know about you, but I can get lost in survival mode, just making it through the day. Maybe it was a good day, maybe it was a rough day. Well I’m saying no to that. Every single day is a beautiful, challenging, satisfying mess of a day, and I am alright with that.

I’m a big planner. Maybe you are too! I’m always looking ahead to the next big thing. If something seems hard in my right now I start to dream into the future and that can be a good thing… sometimes. Other times it can hurt me because I see what I cannot have now and I grow discontent with my today. If I’m sitting around waiting for the perfect little tomorrow, it will probably never come. This day, this perfect little day… this is my life. And I LOVE it. I don’t want it any different. I want tomorrow to be better only because what I have learned and experienced today has made ME better.

Over time my emotional and digestive health have declined. In my younger years I had an unhealthy relationship with my body and with food, and then I went through traumas that left my insides less than optimal. (Tip: YES stress has a MASSIVE effect on your physical body, in case you needed that reminder!) My journey to restoring my days has included so many wonderful things. A restored loving marriage, two gorgeous children (my little starlights!), a lifestyle of optimal nutrition and exercise, and a peaceful safe relationship with my God. My story is far from over, and I absolutely love that. I am no professional, but I hope that the day to day of my restored life can be an inspiration to you. If we feel our best it’s SO much easier to take on life’s challenges.

Each day isn’t a cartwheel landing in sweet magical cupcakes. In fact, I have never been able to do a successful cartwheel, folks. Like I said before and I’m SURE you can relate, the days are beautiful hot messes sometimes. And that’s okay. But lets inspire one another to feel our best so that we can live our best, and consequently restore our days to what they should be… incredibly meaningful, challenging, growing 24 hour periods of fabulous.

Check out my blog for posts I’ve already posted, and keep your eyes open this week for a post per day, inspiring you to feel your best so you can live your best!

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