My first 10 Days Vegan

It was not all roses and cupcakes the first 10 days folks. I was a little nauseous, and extremely fatigued. One day I even slept from 6pm to 6am (with the exception of baby waking to nurse of course) . That’s right you heard me right. In the midst of that I didn’t regret my decision at all, but I will admit I was a little surprised I needed a whole 10 days of detoxing! I mean, I thought I had been behaving myself in my diet at least “ok”. But I guess I needed more cleaning up than I thought. Tons of greens suddenly invaded my body and started to do the repair my body had been begging for. Dairy left and my body cleaned out, good riddens. Preservatives and processed foods? Get em out! Meat left and my body said “ok lets do this!”

The final push to making this decision that I had already  been thinking about for over a year came when finally watching the documentary Food Inc. on Netflix. I know, I know, hardly glamorous, and you might even be rolling your eyes right now. Maybe you’re even going to proceed to tell me how half of that documentary is exaggerated. My response to that, is even if half of that documentary is based upon truth, I’m taking a hard long look at why I eat meat, ok? A year ago I started thinking about a vegetarian lifestyle after reading “The China Study”. That book impacted me greatly. There again, even if parts of it are overblown, even if only parts of it are true, it would still make me question my impact on the world, and how animal products affect my body and my lifestyle.

I had fears about how I was going to work this new lifestyle into my family smoothly and still leave lots of room for my husband and kids to make their own decisions. And of course, I didn’t know and don’t know if I’ll live like this forever and ever, but lets just say I do… what does that look like? I started having fears about how I would interact, hostess, hangout at cookouts. I told the couple of people close to me very tentatively, “I…uh… I’m going to lay off meat for a while and test it out.” When really in my mind I was thinking “I’m afraid of how they may judge me when I tell them what I’ve decided.” And even thinking “They’ll challenge my ideas and ask me all these questions I don’t know how to answer yet!” So yes, I was nervous. Actually, that still makes me nervous. As weeks come and go however I am becoming more comfortable with the decision I have made, convinced of it, and more education on the issues will come with more experience. And to top things off…. I’m feeling fabulous. Hoorah.

Are you plant-based or vegan? Do you recall having a detox time when you first started?


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